Happy Birthday! What better way to spend your birthday than with a nice dinner out? The Five O’Clock Steakhouse located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the place for the perfect birthday steak. Many people treat themselves to a nice dinner surrounded by loved ones, friends, or spouse. The Five O’Clock Steakhouse has the space to accommodate large parties, or the perfect table for two. Choose from steak options such as the ever popular filet mignon, the ribeye, prime rib, and the new 32 ounce Tomahawk steak. The all new Tomahawk is a meat lover’s dream come true with a staggering 32 ounces of bone-in ribeye steak. The massive creation comes with au jus sauce and mushrooms. The steakhouse also has the popular surf and turf options for those who want some seafood on their birthday. Try the 8 ounce filet with the 7 ounce lobster and don’t forget to order your favorite drink to celebrate!