Owning and running a business now days can be difficult. Fierce competition and the delicate balance of income versus expenditures can cause the end of a business after several months or even after years. The Five O’Clock Steakhouse doesn’t seem to be affected by these challenges, as the Milwaukee restaurant just celebrated a staggering 70 years in the steak business. The supper club has been featured in the Travel Channel and was voted Milwaukee’s “best steakhouse.”

The Five O’Clock still operates in some manners in a supper club style eatery, as guests are asked to place their full order at the bar which is common in the supper club world. Guests would order a drink as they looked over the menu and when they were ready would place their order at the bar. After all, a drink is important after a long day of work and so is a delicious meal. Steaks are cooked to perfection and range from filet mignons to prime rib, along with many other savory choices that guests rave about, which is why tye are 70 years as a top steakhouse and still going strong.