Do you know what a supper club is? Chances are if you don’t live in the Midwest you may have never been in a supper club. Supper clubs are generally classified as an older style type of restaurant. It is defined as a traditional dining establishment, usually family owned and run, that also runs as a social club. Supper clubs have the appearance of being high class, even though the prices may be affordable to everyone.

Supper clubs have distinct features, even on their menu items. Classic cocktails are a must, and at supper clubs such as the famous Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee, have excellent cocktail choices for the ultimate supper club experience. Customers can order a Harvey Wallbanger with Grey goose vodka, Galliano and orange juice to start their supper club experience. Try a Tom Collins, or the favorite, an Old Fashioned, complete with your choice of brandy, whiskey, scotch, or bourbon.