Drink Wisconsibly” just premiered their most recent “SUPPERCLUBBIN” episode featuring the Five O’ Clock Steakhouse with host Mark Tauscher (Former Green Bay Packer – Super Bowl Champion). Mark interviewed me about the history of the restaurant & Chef Matt Molli about what makes our steaks so legendary. “Drink Wisconsibly” produces a Brandy called “DAMN GOOD” that is locally made, and the Five O’ Clock now features it! I’m trying to support as many local, quality producers as possible. In fact, wherever possible, if a local brand is high enough quality, is consistent and can support the volume that the restaurant needs, I replace the national brand.

Wisconsin has a history and reputation of being the #1 consumer of Brandy in the united States. This is in part due to the Northwest European immigration in the late 1800’s, and their preference for quality Brandies. On Tuesday June 14th, the Five O’ Clock celebrated National “Old Fashioned” day, which in Wisconsin is mostly made with Brandy, so there you go !! Make it a “DAMN GOOD” brandy lol !!