Award-winning author David Hammond’s article entitled “Searching for the Supper Club” features the popular Five O’Clock Steakhouse as a key example of a long standing supper club establishment. The article is considered a “timeless” article, and one in which David shares his longtime love and experiences in the supper club world that still thrives primarily in the Midwest region of the U.S.

David goes on to mention the newly voted “best steakhouse” in Milwaukee, the Five O’Clock Steakhouse. The Five O’Clock according to David keeps in accordance with the supper club theme by having the customers place their order at the bar, which is a long-standing tradition. Supper clubs are usually family owned and/or operated and the Five O’Clock is on its 70th year in the business and is indeed family owned and run. The Five O’Clock also offers another staple of the supper club industry, and that is a fantastic prime rib among many other steaks to choose from. Experience a supper club for the first time and one of the best steaks in the country at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse.