The Five O’Clock Steakhouse is synonymous with the famous Alley Cat Lounge, and for good reason. The historic lounge is located right upstairs from the iconic steakhouse in the city of Milwaukee. After a brief summer break, the lounge is once again holding live music events starting in September on Friday and Saturday nights. Guests of the steakhouse can head upstairs for a fun night of amazing music, dancing and cocktails after a tough week. There is no cover charge, and the Five O’Clock has a wide range of talented musicians and singers scheduled which can be found on their website.

This month, the popular J. Ryan Trio will be performing at the Alley Cat Lounge. The Trio is known for their jazz standards, blues, and soulful music that delights every crowd. The Trio donates a huge portion of their proceeds to charity, claiming that the goal is to “have a great time while supporting a great cause.” The Trio actually has seven members in the talented band, so be sure to stop by the Alley Cat Lounge this September for a wonderful evening.

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