For thirty years the Alley Cat Lounge has been closed. Located on the second floor of the restaurant known as the Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee, the lounge was closed due to change in ownership and recent renovations. Once a club that entertained the elite and their spouses in the 1940s, the lounge could be entered via a secret buzzer on a backdoor entrance for those that did not want to be seen entering. Managing partner Stelio Kalkounos has opened the lounge now to customers, and the renovations give a nod to the Alley Cat’s long history in the area. The padded bar and vintage ads still remain, while new touches have been added to give the lounge some modern décor.

Stelio is not only a partner, but a longtime musician as well. The Alley Cat Lounge will host live music every Friday evening. Enjoy a cocktail or two while listening to a locally or nationally known band or musician, and be sure to make your dinner reservations before the event.