From ramen and birria to bratwurst and cheese curds, Milwaukee’s food scene has something for everyone, but Muslim diners often have to pass on some of the city’s best restaurants due to religious observances. Halal Restaurant Week plans to change that.

Milwaukee’s first-ever Halal Restaurant Week, July 10-17, will feature popular Milwaukee spots like DanDanFive O’Clock Steakhouse and Amilinda. Participating restaurants will offer a special halal menu during the week.

Halal is an Arabic word meaning permissible. Ingredients for each dish, especially meats, must be prepared in a specific way to comply with a halal diet. Most notably, pork is prohibited.

Even before joining Halal Restaurant Week, some restaurants discovered that they already offered halal options.

“The majority of our steaks are already [halal],” said Stelio Kalkounos, managing partner at Five O’Clock Steakhouse.

The restaurant sources most of its cuts from Creekstone Farms, a Kansas-based meat processing plant that meets the requirements to be halal-certified. Further, Creekstone partners with Temple Grandin, a scientist and animal behaviorist, to optimize efficiency and humanity in the farm’s feedlots and slaughterhouses.