The Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a reservation only supper club eatery. The supper club has been around for years and is a staple of the city and is popular to both visitors and locals. The steakhouse is of course, known for its steaks, which are said to be wonderful cuts and cooked to perfections. Customers can reserve a table online, or can call the Five O’Clock, but you better hurry and get your reservations in before July 3rd.

The Five O’Clock Steakhouse treats its staff as if they were family, and the servers and staff have an exceptional opportunity working at a highly praised eatery. The steakhouse is returning the favor for the excellent service and meals and treating the staff to a much needed vacation from July 3rd to July 11th. Reservations will be accepted before or after this time period, and business will resume on July 12th. Call or go online to make a reservation and try one of the best steaks in the business.