The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is home to many people and proud citizens. Every year the annual “Milwaukee Day” is held in the city, drawing hundreds of participants, vendors, entertainment, and things to benefit the city and its people. Events are scheduled that aim towards a “positive, proactive action,” to promote the city and keep it a wonderful place to live and work. A clean up of the Escuela Verde was scheduled, as well as many vendors having sales and radio stations going mobile to capture all the exciting events.

Shane form KTI Country in Milwaukee had the pleasure of visiting and sharing his experience at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse. The restaurant has been called the best place to eat in Milwaukee, and Shane and managing partner Stelio Kalkounos shared the steakhouse experience and how they say “welcome to Milwaukee!” The steakhouse has been voted the top steakhouse for many consecutive years, and the food has been raved about. Citizens and guests will have the meal of a lifetime at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse.