Milwaukee’s famous steakhouse supper club known as the Five O’Clock Steakhouse will be taking a break from its spectacular dining from July 3rd to July 11th. Customers are encouraged to make their dinner reservations before the or after the break. The steakhouse is a popular and well-known restaurant in Milwaukee and its customer base is extensive. Walk-ins are not allowed at the restaurant, and only dinner is served. Reservations must be made in advance to secure a table at one of the best steakhouse in the nation. The Five O’Clock has numerous “best steak,” and “best steakhouse” awards, and has been featured locally and nationally.

The Fie O’Clock Steakhouse treats its staff like family. Employees are carefully chosen from a sea of applicants. The Five O’Clock is a prime place for employment due to the popularity of the food and atmosphere which provides constant business. Make your reservations before or after the staff’s “Gone fishing” break to enjoy one of the finest steaks in Milwaukee.