Steak connoisseurs across the nation would nod their approval given the choices of steak temperature at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee. Known for its top cuts and quality of meat cooked to perfection, the steakhouse has been featured across the nation is has remained in business since the 1940s as a well-established and family run supper club. The Five O’Clock offers quality cuts of meat such as prime rib, bone-in ribeye, bacon wrapped filet, a New York strip and many other choices for customers. Many steak lovers know that cooking a steak well done is not an option as it cooks the juices and flavor out of the steak. The Five O’Clock does not offer well done as an option, giving hope to steak experts that their truly is a quality steak establishment still in existence.

Customers can choose to have their choice of steak cooked to perfection as rare, medium rare, medium, or medium well. The restaurant states on their menu that they “are not responsible for medium well steaks.” Steak lovers can relax knowing their steak will not be overcooked and they can enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the most famous establishments in Wisconsin.