The Five O’Clock Steakhouse located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has just celebrated 70 years in the business. The popular steakhouse has been featured in the Travel Channel and Rachel Ray and has climbed to local and national status amongst steakhouses as well as supper clubs. The restaurant operates in supper club fashion, mixing some new elements with relics from the past. This year, the steakhouse decided to ring its big anniversary by announcing a contest.

The contest was held by the Five O’Clock to seek out moments of its history. Contestants could send in their favorite moments that occurred in the establishment, and managing partner Stelio Kalkounos would announce five winners. Each of the winners would receive complimentary dinner once a month for an entire year. This year’s winners are Kari Gundrum, who dined for the first time in the 1980s, Ron Phelps, whose parents took him there for his 8th birthday and who has returned repeatedly since, Jay Crapser, who took his girlfriend there for dinner 18 years ago, Carl Movrich, who started dining as a graduate student in the 70s, and Craig Cohn, who visited with a coworker and has since tried to find a better steak but has not been able to.

The supper club received many submissions to the contest and managing partner Stelio states that he was “deeply moved by the stories submitted.” Stories ranged from casual meetings, to anniversaries, proposals, birthdays and many others. The stories and winners that were announced demonstrated the long standing history of the supper club and the effect it had on people’s lives, and in the neighborhood.

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The Five O’Clock Steakhouse is located on 2416 W. State Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The restaurant was recently featured in author Ron Faiola’s new good eats book on area supper clubs called Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Another Round. For more information about the steakhouse please visit