Milwaukee’s most popular supper club us not just a super club. Although the older style of supper clubs has faded, the Five O’Clock Steakhouse still stands as it has been since the 1940s. Managing partner Stelio Kalkounous has paid particular attention to the style and renovations of the upstairs lounge known as the infamous Alley Cat Lounge as well as the main entrance and dining area. Trying to stay true to the buildings extensive past, Stelio has mixed the old with the new. A historic mural has recently been discovered and restored, and older touches like the padded bar and other details still call the supper club home. The Alley Cat Lunge now features a stage along with few other modernizations to hold live music events. Every Friday evening starting at 8 p.m. guests can arrive to enjoy a night of music, and its free! The Alley Cat and Five O’Clock Steakhouse have no cover charge, making it one of the few remaining places that have no cover charge, just a good time and great music.