Milwaukee’s favorite steakhouse called the Five O’Clock Steakhouse will not disappoint.  The supper club has a loyal following and new customers leave rave reviews on the steakhouse’s Facebook page.  The supper club has garnered local and national attention and has consistently been voted “best steakhouse” in Milwaukee for several consecutive years.   

The menu at the Five O’Clock has a nice assortment of tender, savory cuts of meat to choose from.  One of the most popular is the filet mignon, which is classified as a “steer tenderloin,” and is a lean, flavorful steak.  The portion size comes in a “Ladies” or a “Kings” portion size.  All steaks are served with butter sautéed mushrooms.  The Five O’Clock prides itself on choosing cuts of meat that are USDA choice or higher for a quality experience.  A fresh garden salad with dressing of your choice will accompany your delicious steak.  The steakhouse has the perfect wine pairing to go with your steak as well.  Choose your favorite wine or ask your server for a great choice and enjoy!