If you’re in Milwaukee and are looking for a place to have dinner, look no further than the Five O’Clock Steakhouse. For many, dining in a supper club such as the Five O’Clock is a new experience, but it will definitely be one to remember. The Five O’Clock presents a warm, cozy atmosphere perfect for a fantastic dinner with family or friends. Known for their perfect steaks, the supper club has continuously topped many “best of” lists including best steakhouse, best supper club, and of course, best steak.

The Five O’Clock menu features a lengthy list of top cut steaks to choose from. One of the favorites is the prime rib, which can be ordered in a single portion or a double portion if you and your guest want the same item. Available on Friday and Saturday evenings, the slow roasted prime rib sells out quickly as it is in high demand. The 16 ounce steak comes with au jus and horseradish cream sauce, and a fresh tossed garden salad with your choice of dressing. Don’t miss out on one of the best steaks you’ll ever enjoy this evening at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse.