The Alley Cat Lounge is up and running on the top floor of the Five O’ Clock Steakhouse located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The historic lounge was recently renovated, and with some of the best steaks in the nation featured downstairs, it is the perfect opportunity to have a fantastic dinner and then catch some live music on Friday evenings. Upcoming band Keepn It Clean, featuring Samuel P. McCaine Jr. will be providing live entertainment on April 29th. Tap your foot and dance to the likes of R&B, Alternative, Rock, Jazz, Funk, and much more. The band offers a three-piece rhythm section as well as three top-notch vocalists that everyone will enjoy.

The Alley Cat Lounge has live music Friday and most Saturday nights starting at 8 p.m. Enjoy your favorite drink and have fun on the weekend! There is no cover charge, just a good time provided. Make reservations for a wonderful dinner before the show in the dining area, then head up to the lounge to enjoy the rest of your evening at the Five O’ Clock Steakhouse.