The renovated and popular Alley Cat Lounge has been the provider of some amazing live musicians and bands in recent months, drawing crowds on Friday and Saturday evenings. The lounge was once a 1940s luxury piano bar, attracting the wealthy and elite to its doors for nightly entertainment. Those that did not want to be seen entering the nightclub, did so by entering through the back alley entrance by pushing a buzzer. Although renovated, the buzzer can still be seen, paying tribute the lounge and the buildings interesting history. Managing partner Stelio Kalkounos wanted to keep the integrity and history of the building, mixing the old with some new elements.

The lounge features a dining area accompanied by a stage for the performers. No cover charge is upheld so that people can come and enjoy a nice dinner and head upstairs to the lounge for a night of great music. Need a drink? The bar has many tasty cocktails, beer and wine choices to choose from. Visit the Five O’ Clock Steakhouse website at and check the calendar to see all the impressive upcoming bands playing at the Alley Cat Lounge.