Recent articles and various resources have brought to light the long standing dining establishments known as supper clubs. Author Ron Faiola has a new book out called Wisconsin supper clubs: Another Round where he defines what a supper club has been and should be. Characteristics include ordering your meal at the bar and then being seated, twinkling lights strung up, dark wood, a cozy atmosphere, brandy Old Fashioned, fish on Fridays, and delicious steaks such as the prime rib. Supper clubs are usually family owned and found in the Midwestern region nowadays.

The Five O’Clock steakhouse has not only appeared in numerous articles about supper clubs and Ron Faiola’s new book, but it is the ultimate example of what a supper club should be. Orders are still placed at the bar, and the dark wood, lights that decorate the dining area, and some of the best prime rib can be found at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse and supper club.