The state of Wisconsin is known for its beer, cheese, and die-hard Green Bay Packer’s fans also known as cheese heads. Wisconsin also is home to something that many will not ever experience of even hear of outside its state lines, and that is the supper club. Supper clubs are a vital part of the state’s dining scene, even though some consider them old fashioned or out-of-date. Supper clubs are generally only open for supper, and usually provide some sort of music or entertainment at times. They are also usually family run, with generations of family member having participated in the owning and/or running of the business.

The Five O’Clock Steakhouse is the perfect example of a Wisconsin supper club. The dim lights and cozy atmosphere provide the perfect dinner dining experience. The restaurant is famous for its perfect steaks, and it is family owned and operated. Experience your first supper club and see why the Five O’Clock always tops the lists of best steaks and supper clubs.